Magic27 novomatic

Magic27 online game developed by novomatic. A game that gives the shape of a symbol with a double shape in each symbol. It’s not just the symbols which are double backgrounds in the game, they also use a bright blue color that is a bit dark and light. The game screen that has a minimalist roll shape will lead you to victory.

Minimalist size can gamers can be in the form of 3 rolls in the magic27 game. Successful symbol shapes give value with the help of the same symbols as well as combinations of symbols. The minimalist screen will also present the shape and value of each symbol that appears to you. Symbols that are ready to give you victory such as citrus fruits, cherries, watermelons, plums, grapes, and lemons, asterisks, jokers, bells, number 7, and bar writing.

Symbol value

The values ​​that are present for gamers are: Lo7mh

– The star has the words magic27: there are 2 values ​​of 1000 and 4000

– Bar, number 7, and joker have the same value of 1,200. Joker as wild changes any symbol.

– Bell and watermelon both symbols are ready to give you value : 400

– Grapes and plums : 160

– Oranges and lemons: 80

mystery star//bersama

Successfully get the star symbol you will get a lot of value. Starting from the number 40 to 2,000 coins you can win by getting a similar symbol or a combination of symbols. The direction of victory that forms the value if you manage to get the same sign in a horizontal line and form a pyramid.

Play continuously and already have a lot of credit value, you can use coins to place bets on additional games. In the additional game at magic27 you will be asked to guess the color behind the card in the additional game. Guess the black or red color on the back of the card. If your guess is correct then the value you have paired will return with a higher value. And if it doesn’t work, the value you have installed will be lost and cannot be returned.

Auto game

So you have to pray to get lucky while playing the game. Use your luck and play magic27 game. Each round of the game you have to be patient to be able to win. the long way makes you impatient and tired of pressing the button can choose to play the game automatically.

Automatically the game will make you win quickly and the rotation on the game screen becomes fast. A fast turnaround will make the game run quickly. Not only fast but you can also enjoy the game without having to press start and the chances of winning are getting closer.

Game bet amount setting button

Magic27 does not provide free spins or game bonuses. You don’t have to worry even though there are no bonuses and free spins but you can form as much value as you want. Because the magic27 game does not determine how much value you will get. Be free without the hassle.

Feeling the game rotation stops and doesn’t want to run anymore, of course, those of you who just joined in playing feel confused. No need to be confused because you can add the number of bets you want. When starting to play you can press the addition and subtraction signs. This sign will help you set the value of the bet you want. It’s really easy, you don’t need to bother playing magic27 games.