Eye of the queen

Eye of the queen
Eye of the queen

Eye of the queen novomatic

Eye of the queen game that will invite you all to go to Egypt to meet the queen of Egypt. Novomatic provides many unexpected surprises for gamers. Enter the pyramid which is full of many treasures and there is a king’s grave in the pyramid. Exciting games are becoming popular among various gamers.

For game lovers, there is no need to worry because the eye of the queen game can also be played with mobile phones using Android devices. With an Android device, gamers can play easily without having to carry a large computer. Can play it anywhere and anytime.

Game symbol

Lo7mh – It’s just that the eye of the queen game cannot be downloaded so gamers can only play it through a trusted online gambling website or site. 5 reels and 3 lines will bring gamers to the top of the winnings and jackpots available in the game. Each value or coin that gamers get can be taken from the same symbol or combination.

The eye of the queen game has a unique type of game that is different from other games. The symbols that are ready to give gamers a high score are: eye symbols, weapons, beetles, 2 plus signs, queen engravings, photos of queens, Anubis, card symbols and many more symbols that gamers can find in game info.

expanding queen engraving//egyptian eye power

Free spins

There is a lot of information available starting from symbols and also steps that can make you win easily. There are 10 types of wins that have a high payout value for you. Which can make gamers captivated and win easily when gamers manage to get similar symbols or combinations.

The most fun thing is when you manage to get the free games and jackpots available in the eye of the queen game. When gamers manage to get the same 5 scatters in a horizontal position, it will bring a big win. When you manage to get free spins on the top right game screen there will be some small engravings that can help form a value.

Extensive engraving

The presence of the queen’s engraving will expand and give the power of light to illuminate the small size symbol above. If the engraving is exposed to light, it will make the photo of the queen symbol next to the engraving expand and make all the expanding symbols illuminate the 5 small engravings so that you get a photo of the queen as a form of double value and give 3x additional free spins.

The number of free spins that gamers can get when they manage to get 3 scatters is 12 free games. The scatter mark comes from the eye of the god Horus. After getting 12 free games, gamers will get more when the wild expands by 3 to 5 free spins. Every time you place a bet, gamers certainly expect maximum results, right?

Combination version

In the game eye of the queen always give consistent scores. As much as the value you place, the results you get are five hundred times per bet. Also enjoy the jackpot value available in the eye of the queen game in the cool fire series in collaboration with novomatic. Joining this game will provide many opportunities for gamers to reach unexpected jackpots. Enjoy the game using real money bets so you can get beautiful wins.