An era that always follows endless trends. As is known, the 20th century is known as the millennial era, the era of stylish youth and a time when many sophisticated electronic goods continue to develop and stand in the midst of society. Like the arrival of the smartwatch. Children today say people who don’t follow the times are people of the past.

Hmm, that’s a really good idea, isn’t it? but did you know that people who don’t keep up with the times don’t mean they don’t know the current trends. Like a smartwatch for example. Smartwatch is a new communication tool. After the presence of cellphones and smart TVs, there is now something new, namely smart watches.

Media that can be accessed easily

Lo7mh – At first, the smartwatch was only a tool that could be used or a device that was connected to several signals from electronics or the internet network. A watch that works almost the same way as a smartphone. A system that can access various kinds of news, telephone, messages, and much more that can be accessed using a smartwatch.

With the sophistication of the times, many people are curious about how it looks and how to use it. For the form of a smartwatch, it is a very unique watch with a unique style. The way it works is also very easy by always connecting the smartphone connection with the smartwatch. The connection only uses Bluetooth.

Only special devices can be connected to the smartwatch//smartwatch

Easy and not complicated

With the connection, the device makes it into a pair of devices which can only be used simultaneously. The existence of a smartwatch makes it easier for many smart device users. If you are lazy to lift your cellphone, you can use a smartwatch. Only by pressing a button can all be connected.

Many applications can be opened using a smartwatch. The types of applications that can be opened are: telephone network, sms, photos, google, and many more. So for those who use a smartwatch, they can use it easily without having to be complicated anymore. Only by connecting with Bluetooth everything is fine.

Arrival smartwatch can be connected to a special device

In a smartwatch there are some things that cannot be connected. Every smartwatch always has several brands that are released from the factory. For example, iPhone devices can only be used specifically for iPhones, while Android smartwatches are only for Android. So the smartwatch system cannot be connected to any other device.

Although smartwatches can be connected to Android iOS devices and are easy to access, it turns out that not all Androids can use smartwatches. For example, Samsung, a device that can only be accessed through fellow Samsungs. Although it can only be used with fellow devices from the factory, there are also smartwatches that use devices that can connect to Android phones.

Devices that have a smartwatch

To find out which devices can use smartwatches and the types of smartwatches that can be owned by many people, namely:

– Samsung: type of Samsung gear fit, Samsung gear 2 which can be connected to a smartphone. Not all Samsung can be connected with a smartwatch. But don’t worry because Samsung has already made several devices that can be connected.

– Iphone or apple: which is now being recently – recently comes with a unique model and beautiful colors. Made with 2 models can be used by men and women.

– LG: a device that is also not outdated. There are 3 LG devices that you can have from the G watch R, G Watch, and G Watch Urbane. A smartwatch that has a unique shape with a classic model. Which looks like a smartwatch like a regular watch so it doesn’t look like a smartwatch.